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Single Herbs & Spices
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Maharashtra, India
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24 Months
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10% Max
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50 ppm Max.
Human Consumption,Herbs
0.3 to 0.4 cm.
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Packing in 25/50 KG PP Bags
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Product Description

Cassia Tora

Cassia Tora is a wild crop plant that belongs to the Caesalpinaceae plant family and genus Cassia.  Cassia tora seeds are hard to beat in their quality and affordability. They are bold and small seeds. These seeds are also shiny and are duly machine cleaned.The plant is known for its significant medicinal value. The Cassia plant mainly grows in the tropical regions of India and is commercially supplied in bulk from regions of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Cassia Tora Seed or Jue Ming Zi in Chinese, or the ripe seed of sickel-pod cold nature of the fruit is excellent for cooling down the body. Cassia Tora Seed is highly valued in ancient Chinese herb. 

This bitter and salty Cassia Tora Seed has also been credited as an eyesight booster. Cassia Tora also helps by removing intensive heat from the liver and improving vision, moisturizing intestine and easing the bowels. Great help for losing weight as well.

Cassia Tora Seeds are sweet, bitter and salty in flavor, slightly cold in nature. They are good for the liver, kidney and large intestine channels.

Uses of Cassia Tora Seeds

  • The parts like roots, seeds and leaves of this plant can be used in curing various health problems and diseases. 
  • The root is used in snakebite.
  • The dried and fresh leaves are used in northern Nigeria in the treatment of ulcers, ring worm and other parasitic skin diseases. In cultures, the leaf extracts of the plant showed anti-bacterial activity. Antiviral activity, particularly against Newcastle disease virus and Vaccinia virus.
  • The Cassia Tora Seed, ripe seed of sickle pod, is a highly valued ancient Chinese herb. As defined in Ayurveda these seeds of Cassia Tora are great laxatives, ophthalmics, anthelmintics and expectorants. Its main constituents include derivatives of anthraquinone, chrysophanol, emodin, rhein and fixed oil. Due to the cold nature of the fruit from which they are extracted, the Cassia Tora seeds are the excellent sources for cooling down the body. Used as aperients and purgatives the seeds are help to loosen the bowels to relieve constipation.
  • Traditionally, the leaves are used as a natural pesticide in the organic farms of India. It has also been reported that Cassia Tora contains chrysophanic acid-9-anthrone, which is an important fungicide. The intake of these seeds can cure skin diseases like ring worm, itch and psoriasis. These herbal seeds can also remove intense heat from the liver and improve the acuity of sight and loosen the bowels to relieve constipation. 
  • The leaves contain anthroquinones, and are employed in weak decoction for treating childhood teething, fever and constipation. 
  • The paste of the ground, dried root is used in Ayurveda as a treatment for ringworm and snakebite.

However when Cassia Tora is used together with self-heal Spica Prunellae and Cape jasmine fruit (Fructus Gardeniae), it can be a good remedy for conjunctivitis or inflammation of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelids and is continued over the forepart of the eyeball. This can even cure photophobia, or intolerance to light, due to fire of excess types in the liver channel. It is frequently used together with milk vetch seed or Semen Astragali Complanati for blurred vision due to yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys. The sickle senna seed decoction, syrup and tablets is most effective for hyperlipemia, the presence of excess fat or lipids in the blood.

The modern researches reveal that the fresh seed of this plant contains chrysophanol, obtusin, aurantio-obtusin and vitamin A. It contains anthra-glucoside which is known for its laxative effect. Cassia seed mixture with water can inhibit dermatomyces, while its alcohol infusion is known to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms like staphylococcus, bacillus diphtheriae, bacillus coli, typhoid and paratyphoid bacillus. 

In addition to being used as medicinal herbs, the seeds are also used as a mordant in dyeing. They can be roasted and ground to be used as a coffee substitute. As the dehydrated seed of Cassia plant has good protein, it can be used as a full of protein feed for livestock and birds. Growing as leguminous weed in several parts of India, this is also used as fodder for animals and as a feed ingredient for carps.

Applications of Cassia Tora Seeds 
Used for conjunctival congestion and blurred vision: Being so bitter and cold as to purge heat and so sweet and salty as to replenish yin (body fluids), this herb can not only clear and purge fire from the liver, but also nourish the liver and the kidneys. This herb is excellent for the improvement of eyesight and can be used for eye ailments of both the excess and deficiency types.

It is also often used together with chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves, etc., for headache with conjunctival congestion due to upward attacks of pathogenic wind-heat. It is frequently used together with milk vetch seed (Semen Astragali Complanati), etc., for blurred vision due to yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys.

Used for constipation due to intestinal dryness: With its cool and moistening properties, this herb can clear heat from the bowels and loosen them to relieve constipation. It is often used with hemp seed, Mongolian snake gourd seed (Semen Trichosanthis), etc., for constipation due to interior heat and intestinal dryness.

In addition, Ju Ming Jiang Ya Pian made from this herb in combination with chrysanthemum has a certain curative effect on high blood pressure, and sickle senna seed decoction, syrup and tablets are effective for hyperlipemia, the presence of excess fat or lipids in the blood.

Modern Researches: The fresh seed of this plant contains chrysophanol, obtusin, aurantio-obtusin, etc., as well as vitamin A. The anthra-glucoside it contains has a laxative effect. It can also contract the uterus. Cassia seed water infusion can inhibit dermatomyces, while its alcohol infusion can inhibit staphylococcus, bacillus diphtheriae, bacillus coli, typhoid and paratyphoid bacillus.

Cassia Tora Tea is a herb, pure, natural, non-polluted green health beverage. In Korea, it is believed to refresh your eye-vision. Also, Cassia Tora Tea has created a new term “Coffee-Tea” due to its mysterious, but very mouthful taste. It is made of 100% cassia tora with no artificial coloring and no caffeine. It could be a great substitute for coffee and other sodas.

Utilization of Cassia Tora as Fodder & Feed: Artificial feeding is one of the important requirements for increasing fish production in composite fish culture. Cassia tora looks promising as a suitable fodder or as a feed ingredient for carps. Cassia tora is a legumninous weed, growing luxuriously in several parts of India, during the period of May to October The leaves are at present not being put to any major use. Even cattle do not forage on this plant. Interestingly, fishermen in inland areas have observed certain carps feeding on Cassi a tora growing within low lying areas. Thus, there appears to be good scope for utilising the weed, as fodder, and also as a suitable feed ingredient in the diet of carps. This weed could become a reliable cheap supply of nutritious fodder for the phytophagus grass crap, Ctenopharyngodonidella which is a fast growing exotic carp.

The leaves of Cassia tora on analysis was found to contain 25 to 30% crude protein and 7-10% of fat, on dry weight basis. The percentage edible part of the plant varies from 30 to 40. Acceptability tests were conducted, where a set of grass carp yearling were provided with fresh Cassia tora in bundles. It was observed that grass carp consumed the weed readily and fully, leaving only the mid-rib part of the leaves.

Specifications of Cassia Tora Seeds

Size0.3 to 0.4 cmAsh Content5% Maximum
Heavy MetalNillIron50 ppm Maximum
Other NamesCassia Semen, Cassia seed Family NameCaesalpinaceae
Packaging & Shipping

Packing:25/50 kg PP Bag.

Delivery Detail:15-20 Working  days

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